Go Get Me It

Transform the way you manage a property.

GOGETMEIT is a platform connecting landlords, tenants, trade services and homeowners together to make property management easier using tomorrows software today.

Improved communications.

We worked with residents, landlords and tradespeople to ensure the platform was built with the people in mind. Communication is key at every step of the process, we ensure that the resident is always upto date with the repairs processes with text messaging and live tracking of the repairs journey.

For landlords this is key to ensure KPI’s are met and changes can be implemented were failures maybe occurring.

Analytics to give your decisions a boost.

Get analytics on all core drivers of your business including breakdown, asset data, and much more.

Data-driven decisions will help you optimize your assets and improve your customer journey.


Improve your digital transformation journey.

Transforming property management helping organisation to get access to local tradesmen providing the ability to scale up and down using our unique demand management module. Introducing a first to market system providing competitive pricing and faster fix for their residents.

We are changing the property management market place connecting landlord and residents to qualified traders on demand via mobile and web.
We source and signup local traders who have the right qualifications to complete the job at hand providing organisations to better manage demand during peak times.

Social housing

Dynamic resource model allowing organisations to flex resource to manage demand
Provide residents flexibility when booking repair work increasing productivity and first time fix
Reduce supply chain cost with our dynamic purchasing system
Work with manufacturers to provide long term benefits to residents and housing associations
Improved Supply Chain
Speed up operations and increase number of jobs completed within 24 hours

Platform Features

Clients (Landlords)



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Housing association:

Consultation and demo of the platform giving insight on savings and process improvements that can be obtained using our platform.


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