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IoT  Manager

From smart boilers to fire alarms: all of your IoT devices, managed seamlessly.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionised the housing industry.

Connecting devices to your network allows for real-time monitoring and diagnostics without the need to even enter the property physically. 

The data generated by IoT devices can give valuable insight into each individual home on your network, as well as an overview of the health of your property portfolio appliances as a whole, positively impacting the lives of your residents.

However, as more appliances and devices become IoT-enabled, the need for effective management can grow exponentially.

This is where IoT Manager comes in.

IoT Manager puts you in complete control of your housing network infrastructure, so you can anticipate and rectify challenging housing issues before they grow.



Holistic portfolio

Scale your IoT operations at your pace

Free up your resources with automation and machine learning

Improve resident safety and security

IoT Manager’s rapid telemetry terminal collates and records device data second by second, generating an alert the moment a defect is identified.

Set up smart workflows for checks and maintenance jobs to be scheduled automatically via GoGetMeIt’s job management system, sending a highly-skilled engineer to the device’s location when required.

IoT Manager interfaces with all UK smart boiler systems, automatically relaying data back and forth from your asset to GoGetMeIt’s dedicated, intuitive dashboard.

Gain a holistic, 360-degree view of the IoT-enabled devices within your property portfolio. From smart boilers to fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors: oversee them all from your workspace.

IoT Manager analyses data from across your environmental assets, contrasting it against the latest supplier product data, enabling proactive supply chain management and resource allocation.

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