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On Demand

One marketplace, one intuitive platform.

All the property management resources you need, under one roof.

Whoever said that maintaining properties was easy?

Whether you’re a housing association managing hundreds of properties, or a landlord with a small portfolio: it can still be a challenge to deal with multiple maintenance issues at scale.  This can adversely (and unfairly) affect the residents’ quality of life. 

Supply shortages and a lack of available, skilled resources place strain on the maintenance supply chain of each housing provider. It can feel like a real uphill battle just to maintain your repairs operations and stay on top of things.

On Demand can help you take control of your supply chain and improve resident satisfaction.

On Demand is a marketplace offering housing associations, landlords and letting agents access to a network of local
tradespeople that are at the heart of the community they serve, delivering exceptional service to residents.





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Top quality contractors, on demand

Unlocking efficiency

Our pre-built relationships with suppliers and manufacturers help to provide a streamlined procurement experience without lengthy tender processes.

Protect your organisation from the possibility of contractor firm liquidation during a contract and make your supply chain more agile.

To help you make repairs in your properties quickly without reducing quality, On Demand connects housing providers seamlessly with suppliers and contractors, providing a platform for effective communication in real-time.

Our unique algorithm is designed to minimise waste and reduce your carbon footprint during the repairs process. Our SaaS platform removes the need for expensive on-premises IT infrastructure – it’s all in the cloud!

Smaller, local businesses (tradespeople & contractors) gain access to a market once dominated by large providers, allowing housing providers to give even more back to the community they serve.

Want to learn more?

We’d be happy to show you around the platform, and answer any questions you may have.